Azienda Agricola San Biagio (AASB, Italy)

The San Biagio Agricultural Society has its origins in 1968. Born as a family-run company, the work is still carried out with the collaboration of the whole family. The company deals with the breeding of freshwater fish, especially trout, but carp, sturgeons, eels can also be found. Over the years, the company focus not so much on production quantity, but on quality. Quality of the product that is offered to customers, quality of the environment, quality of the water in which the fish are raised. The peculiarity of the breeding is to be completely fed by spring water. Since 2005, it has obtained a European health allowance for sickness benefits.
The company is a non-intensive, closed-cycle breeding: it deals with the reproduction, weaning of the young and restocking of brown trout in public waters that are introduced into rivers and streams in different sizes: starting from eggs, to fry at trouts to get to the ready-to-fish size, in collaboration with public and private bodies such as Provinces, Mountain Communities, Fishing Associations. There is also a retail store in the company, where customers can buy both fresh and processed products. Since 2006, the San Biagio Agricultural Society, following training courses, becomes a Didactic Farm, recognized by the Piedmont Region, giving the opportunity to live in direct contact with the fish for a day.
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