Metrohm Hispania (MH, Spain)

The Swiss company Metrohm, manufacturer of high-end scientific instruments, has been present in Spain since 1950 via the company Gomensoro S.A., a reference in the advisory, supply, training and technical assistance in the scientific instrumentation sector in Spain. Since July 1st, 2019, Gomensoro became to be known as Metrohm Hispania(MH), continuing with the work previously performed of offering total solutions for laboratories.
Metrohm Hispania represents leader companies in instrumentation for laboratory and processes, working with many analytical techniques useful for the analysis of water and other environmental samples. The technical group of the MH team is comprised of graduates, doctors and engineers in different branches: Chemistry, Biology, Pharmacy and Electronics. Their activities are mainly: to give advice to the customer for the purchase based on applications, to train on the use of the instruments and applications development, to provide technical assessment about the operation and the interpretation of the obtained results, and to offer technical support (maintenance, calibration, repair). MH collaborates with training institutes receiving students for training in laboratory techniques, and with Universities and Official Centres in research activities.


Nieves Fernández de Paz
Nieves Fernández de PazER - Dr.
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Jesús García de la FuenteEr - Dr.
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