Università degli Studi di Torino (UNITO, Italy)

The University of Torino is one of the most prestigious Italian University. It hosts about 70,000 students, 4,000 academic, administrative and technical staff, 1,800 post-graduate and post-doctoral students. With its 120 buildings in different areas in Turin and in key places in Piedmont, the University of Turin can be considered as “city-within-a-city”, promoting culture and producing research, innovation, training and employment.
The Department of Chemistry was founded in 2012 as results of the union of three previous departments and it is active in several research fields, e.g. materials science, analytical and environmental chemistry, organic and inorganic synthesis, computational chemistry, industrial chemistry and metallurgy.
The Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology is devoted to teaching and research in biology, environmental sciences, biotechnology and health, with special focus on areas such as biodiversity, ecology, evolution, conservation, microbiology, cell biology, human and plant physiology, and genomics.
The Department of Drug Science and Technology was established in 1984. The Department uses a multisciplinary and technological approach in its efforts to design and develop new bio-active molecules and their metabolites, study the mechanisms underlying their action, develop new drugs of natural and synthetic origin, develop innovative drug delivery strategies as well as nanotechnologies. Furthermore, it is involved in the chemical characterization of nutrients, foodstuffs and the development of new cosmetic formulations.
The Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences was founded in 2012 by the union of the former 5 Departments and the Faculty of Agriculture. It is the seat of research relating to the primary production and transformation of plants and animals, as well as the interactions of these activities with the territory and the environment. The Department studies agricultural and forest ecosystems and agri-food chains in their biological, production, ecological, technological, engineering and management aspects.


Paola Calza
Paola CalzaER - Professor
Department of Chemistry
Debora Fabbri
Debora FabbriER - Professor
Department of Chemistry
Mery Malandrino
Mery MalandrinoER - Professor
Department of Chemistry
M. Cristina Paganini
M. Cristina PaganiniER - Professor
Department of Chemistry
Enzo Laurenti
Enzo LaurentiER - Professor
Department of Chemistry
Elisa Gaggero
Elisa GaggeroESR - PhD Student
Department of Chemistry
Monica Rigoletto
Monica RigolettoESR - PhD Student
Department of Chemistry
Agnese Giacomino
Agnese GiacominoER - Dr.
Department of Drug Science and Technology
Ornella Abollino
Ornella AbollinoER - Professor
Department of drug Science and Technology
G. Cristina Varese
G. Cristina VareseER - Professor
Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology
Federica Spina
Federica SpinaER - Dr.
Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology
Valeria Prigione
Valeria PrigioneER - Dr.
Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology
Laura Gasco
Laura GascoER - Professor
Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Science
Ilaria Biasato
Ilaria BiasatoER - Dr.
Department of Agricultural, Forest and Food Science
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